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Gyula Gazdag is a director in film, theatre and television. He was a professor at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television from 1993-2015 and has served as the artistic director of the Sundance Filmmakers Lab since 1997.

His numerous feature films include "A Hungarian Fairy Tale" (1987), which won the Special Jury Prize at the Locarno Film Festival. Named one of the year’s 10 Best Films by the Village Voice and the Best Feature Film of the year by the Hungarian Film Critics Awards, it was screened at 20 film festivals worldwide, including the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes.

Gazdag’s other films include "Stand Off" (1989), which won a Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastián International Film Festival; "Lost Illusions" (1983), named Best Screenplay by Hungarian Film Week; "Singing on the Treadmill" (1974); "The Whistling Cobblestone" (1971), named Best First Feature by the Hungarian Film Critics Awards; and "Swap".

Gazdag has also directed many documentaries, including "A Poet on the Lower East Side: A Docu-Diary on Allen Ginsberg" (1997); "Hungarian Chronicles" (1991); "Berlinale Forum entrant Package Tour" (1985); "The Banquet" (1982); "The Resolution" (1972), named on one of the best 100 documentaries of all time by the International Documentary Association; "The Selection" (1970) and "The Long Distance Runner" (1969).

Most of Gazdag’s films were banned for shorter or longer periods of time in communist Hungary; some also had been denied foreign exhibition. 

For the stage, he directed "Candide", "The Bald Soprano", "The Abduction From the Seraglio", "The Tempest", "Tom Jones and The Hothouse", among many others. 

Gazdag has been a creative advisor at the Maurits Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam since 2002 and at the Script Station of the Berlinale Talent Campus since 2006.
Gyula Gazdag's selected filmography
"A Poet on the Lower East Side - A Docu-Diary on Allen Ginsberg" - Documentary (1997)
"A Hungarian Fairy Tale" - Feature (1987)
"Lost Illusions" - Feature (1982)
"Package Tour" - Documentary (1984)
"Singing on the Treadmill" - Feature (1974)
"The Whistling Cobblestone" - Feature (1971)
"The Resolution" - Documentary (1972/1984)
"The Selection" - Documentary short (1970)

Three-Day Program
The Film Directing workshop will focus on a diversity of topics based on the art of directing a film. During this three-day period not only will you have the chance to be taught by Gyula Gazdag but also to intensively interact with the rest of the group, which will have up to 20 participants, making it extremely practical and interactive. You will also have the opportunity to assess the issues you encountered in your films, and to receive feedback in order to avoid similar situations in the future.
Day 1
Screening of one of Gyula Gazdag’s films, which will be used as a case study.
Discussion of the film.
Lunch break.
Preparations needed for directing
How to conduct rehearsals?
Rehearsal of an exercise scene (With actors and DOP)
Day 2
Shooting 3 exercise scenes (With actors and DOP)
Lunch break
Watching and discussing dailies (With actors and DOP)
Day 3
Shooting 2 exercise scenes (With actors and DOP)
Lunch break
Watching and discussing dailies (With actors and DOP)
Closing remarks and discussion

The exercise scene will be a scene selected from an already produced film, from 5 different directors, all of them with a different interpretation of the scene. The scene that will be provided will only consist of the characters' lines. The mentor will omit character names and location from the original script, so the interpretation should be free not only regarding the gender and age of the characters, but also the location of the scene as well as the story of the scene.

The mentor will contact those participants who will direct in the workshop beforehand, in order to be asked to articulate in writing their interpretation of the scene and to answer specific questions that target the directorial approach to the scene.

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